Yep..still waiting :)


If you could be here within the next day or so – I’ll be able to enjoy a delicious glass of this…..

Wine from our wedding...

by the 4th of July!  No pressure – Kyle and I have just been waiting to open it since our 5 year annivesary last New Years Eve.  🙂  It’s the wine we chose on the day he propsed to me (May 2004) at James Arthur Vineyards in Lincoln. 

Also Grace, our family is having a big 4th of July bash – so, I’d rather you can partake with us on the OUTSIDE rather than the inside.  :):)  No pressure. 

OK – honestly, to give the poor girl credit, her ACTUAL due date – isn’t even until the 4th of July!!  I took this week off because Ella’s daycare is closed  – and while I have to admit that staying home with my baby girl has been wonderful….


there is only SO much I can do when I feel like one giant ball of blah…and my feet look like they could explode. 

I know...SCARY!

I have been trying my best to keep busy – I know there are a BUNCH of things I could be doing – but, I just want to meet my new baby girl!!

So Grace – unless you REALLY want to share a birthday with your Papa Waechter…(July 3rd – which I admit would be pretty cool..)  I think it’s time to come out and meet your crazy family!  Because we can’t WAIT to meet you!  🙂


Waiting For Grace…

Kyle, Ella and I had a WONDERFUL Sunday.  We decided to have a “pamper Ella day” since someday very soon (hopefully sooner than later) – she will no longer be the only child.  With the exception of missing church..(OOPS!!!) – we accomplished a great deal on this beautiful late June day.  We took Ella to Cottonmill park…(her first time to this one – why did we wait so long??)  and she LOVED it! 

Kyle and Ella checking out the fish!

She loved the fish – and of course playing on all the slides/swings..etc. 

AGAIN Daddy! She LOVES being outside!

We spent most of the morning and early afternoon just walking around the park enjoying the sites and sounds.  I have to admit, I was hoping some of this walking would kick-start labor too!  We are really lucky to have such beautiful parks in Kearney. 

Kyle and Ella stop for a pic!

After a fantastic lunch made by my husband…(Thanks Kyle for cooking!!) – Ella and I watched as Kyle cleaned out the car – and proceeded to put BOTH car seats in the back!  Yep – baby Grace will be here soon!  Ella kept saying all afternoon – come out Gracie…come out!  About made my heart melt.

Continuing with tradition – this evening we headed to dairy queen – hoping ice cream MIGHT kick start contractions.  Contractions started with Ella after I had a butterfinger blizzard from DQ – so, I decided to try again with Grace.  🙂  Although this time – with a twist cone and nut/sprinkles!  🙂


Guess I’ll just have to keep eating ice cream – until she comes!  🙂  It can’t be long now!!!  Until next time – happy reading!  🙂

Ravenna/Grand Island Signings

Thank you so much to all who came out on this warm, BUSY third weekend in June!  We had a lot of fun at the Ravenna Historical Society.  As always, the ladies were wonderful to us – providing us with delicious treats!!

These are award winning brownies/cake! YUM!! 🙂

Peggy’s sister Teresa was with me signing books for, “The Island Calls.”  Even though we have VERY different books – it’s great to be together during these signings!

And…I am happy to report that there were several local EMT’s ready to help me – just incase baby Grace decided to make an appearance.  She of course – still hasn’t said “hello” to the world yet!  🙂 

Peggy wants in the picture!! 🙂

On Saturday I ventured into the Conestoga Mall (for another signing) -with my mom and sister Lisa.  A HUGE thanks to them for helping me out.  As always, couldn’t have done it without them!  It is so interesting to “people watch.”  Could quite possibly be one of my favorite past-times.  🙂  Great way to pass 3 hours of time that’s for sure!  Thanks to all those who stopped by to purchase a book – or to simply say, “hi.”  As always, I appreciate your support VERY MUCH!!

Mom and sister Lisa keeping me company during my signing.

My next signing isn’t scheduled until the middle of July.  I will be taking a few weeks off to have baby Grace – and get things settled a bit.  Of course, I will keep updating my blog with baby news – and I’ll keep you posted with area book signings as well.  I have quite a few more scheduled for later this summer – and even into early fall.    Until next time…happy reading! 🙂

Holdrege Book Signing – Reading to Kids!

As promised, here are a few more pics from last night’s signing/book read to kids.  It was my first time reading to my biggest critics – and I have to admit, they made me a bit nervous.  I mean really, if they don’t like the book – then I’m in trouble!!

Lucky for me, most kids were really into it!  If they started to look bored – I just searched the room for a child who was more excited.  🙂

Excited to read Ella B. Bella! 🙂

I’m not quite sure how teachers/librarians do this!  It is really hard to read upside down!  I found myself even getting a little dizzy looking at the pages!  Props for those who do this everyday!! 

All in all – it was a GREAT night!  I had so much fun meeting new faces – and watching the reaction from the kids!  Thanks again to the  Holdrege library for being such fantastic hosts!

Most of the kids who listened to me read Ella B. Bella and the Magic Pink Shoes!

I’ll be in Ravenna this Friday from 3pm-5pm signing and at the Conestoga Mall in Grand Island on Saturday from 11am-2pm.  After this weekend – I plan to take a few weeks off to have baby Grace – then will start up again in mid-July.  You can check out all the details on my website

Until next time – happy reading!! 🙂

Thank You Oxford!

Delicious treats made for all those who stopped by! Thanks!

With Teresa and Peggy – during Oxford signing

Once again, small towns proved to be so kind.  The hospitality at the Oxford Public Library was simply wonderful.  I had a great afternoon meeting new faces and seeing a few familiar ones as well!  The ladies in town made delicious treats – which I happily sampled!   I was able to sign with Teresa Roberts..(Peggy Malzacher’s sis!) author of “The Island Calls.”  Teresa’s book is very interesting – as it tells a true life story of her journey to find out more about her father. 

Thanks again Oxford!  I’ll be heading to the Holdrege Public Library Monday evening from 6:00pm-7:30pm for another signing.  I was asked yesterday if I get tired of all these book signings – and my honest answer is “no.”  I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do – and am loving every minute of it.  🙂  Below are a few pictures from Saturday’s adventure!!

With a self proclaimed "groupie" of NTV's good life! Thanks Marcia!


Ella with her "Magic Pink Shoes"

Words can’t express how thankful I am to all of you for your support, kind words, well wishes and prayers for my first book, Ella B. Bella and the Magic Pink Shoes.  I couldn’t have imagined it would go this well!  Friends I haven’t spoken to in years, “old” teachers, and complete strangers have taken a moment out of their day to tell me how much they enjoyed the book.  I am so blessed to finally be working on my true passion.  Thank you THANK YOU for all your support!!  I would like to post a couple comments that I received lately that made my heart smile.  By the way – this picture (ignore the date on the photo) was taken a few days after I found out my story was being published last winter.  Ella still LOVES those shoes!  If you don’t know the story behind the book – I’ll have to update you in a later blog!  🙂

      I bought your book Ella B. Bella this past weekend at the Barn. My grandaughters name is Ella also, so I bought the book for her they were here from Malocm Ne. for Memorial Day and her mom was reading her the book and Ella would point at the little girl in the book and say thats me and then point at Mrs. Bella and say thats you mommy. Our Ella is  3. It was just so cute I had to share it with you I hope you don’t mind. My son also said great mom where are we going to find magic pink shoes. LOL. Looking forward to more Ella B. Bella books.
Lori Harouff
Holdrege, Ne.

Dear Leslie, 
I have a granddaughter named Ella and I thought your book sounded so fun that I ordered it for her.  This past weekend we went to Omaha to visit Ella and her family and I took her the new book. 
Last week the remote control for the light and fan in their TV room was misplaced (lost) and they had dilligently searched for it but had no luck finding it.  While we were there she and I sat down to read the book with her name in it.  As I was reading the book to Ella I asked her if she had magic pink shoes so she could find the lost remote control.  (She does have sparkly pink princess shoes that she loves!)  After we finished reading the book, my son and husband were sitting across the room from me and I began telling them the story of your Ella and the return of her magic pink shoes.  During the telling of the story my husband leaned over to my son, Ella’s dad, and said something to him, he stood up and walked over to a table lamp beside me and there on top of the base of the lamp was the missing remote!  We all had a good laugh and we were very happy to have the remote back so we could turn on the light to read Ella’s book again!
Thanks for a fun story!
Leigh Ford

Getting Started

No Kyle, this isn’t a blog about hot women and books.  Unless of course you consider your wife – and kids babes – then maybe.  🙂

OK – it’s a play on words.  Babes equals babies, which we will have in a few short weeks!  Kyle asked why I didn’t just name the thing babies and books.  My answer – I thought this was clever.  Or – perhaps the blog name babies and books was taken.  Either way – here it is!  As many of you know, I am just starting out as an author, but have journaled since I was in grade school.  I very much enjoyed writing when I was on maternity leave with Ella – and plan to start-up again while on leave with Grace!

So – I’ll keep you posted on my first official “blog” – coming soon!

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