10 New Discoveries…

Since becoming a mom of two almost three weeks ago – I have learned a few things.  I’ll stick with 10 for now – although I know this list grows daily.  🙂

#1.  It is NOT a good idea to try to teach your almost 2-year-old toddler how to go potty when you also have an almost 3 week old infant.  I learned this the hard way.  I was nursing Gracie yesterday – when Ella ran to me saying, “I have to pee mama!”  To bad she was already peeing while running to me.  I had to stop feeding Grace, adjust my nursing pads so I didn’t leak all over the place, gently set Grace down, run Ella to the bathroom/clean up the pee all over her legs, clean up the pee on the floor, pick up the now screaming almost 3 week old baby – and start all over again.  Lesson learned. 

2.  It’s a darn good thing we decided  to wait to change our ugly carpet for nice white carpet.  The reasoning for this is obvious – refer to discovery number 1. 

3.  My house will never again be clean until all of my children have grown up and moved away.  I should really not even bother at this point.

4.  This could actually go with discovery number 3.  Laundry will never be either.  It’s never good when Ella trips over the pile of towels while walking to her bedroom. 

5.  Dave Ramsey didn’t mention in his “Get out of debt” book – that getting rid of cable probably isn’t a good idea when you are about to have a baby.  If I have to watch one more infomercial on the “neck slimmer sensation” I will throw something.  Seriously – there is NOTHING on at two in the morning.  There really isn’t anything on at two in the afternoon either. 

6.  On that note – daytime television is really bad.  Oops – I mean for the exception of NTV’s Good Life of course.  🙂  Soap opera’s are incredibly smutty.  It’s hard for me to watch them the same way – since I now have two baby girls at home.

7.  Do not get out your “skinny” jeans – until at least 6 weeks after the baby is born.  It’s just depressing.

8.  Bella bands and fat suckers are wonderful.  This I already knew.  🙂

9.  I think stay at home moms/dads have the most difficult yet most rewarding job in the world.

10.  I am INCREDIBLY blessed to have two beautiful daughters that fill my heart with more love than I could have ever imagined – and an amazing husband who I grow to love more each day.  Thank you God for all you have given me. 


Two Weeks Old!

I can’t believe Gracie is already two weeks old.  Seriously – time goes by SO quickly during maternity leave.  I’m not even really sure what I have been doing during the day – besides staring at this adorable face.

Ah...all is right with the world mom. I'm full and dry!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  With two girls at home – it has been a change – but a wonderful change.  It’s odd – but I almost can’t remember what it was like with just one child at home.  Ella has been a great big sister – jealous at times, but for the most part very helpful.  She gets a little ticked with dad when he is holding Gracie – (mostly because she is SUCH a daddy’s girl) but has been adjusting OK we think.

Kyle and his girls...

I’ve taken Gracie quite a few places already.  It didn’t take me near as long this time to get outside!  When Ella was a newbie – everything was so new that going on a walk was a scary adventure.  Gracie and I have already been to Aunt Lindsay’s house, Aunt’s Lori’s house, the park (several times), target, church, the mall and this afternoon we are headed to the Webster County Fair!  We’ve gone on several walks – and even ventured out with a “new” garage sale double stroller.  Holy Cow – that’s a workout in and of itself just trying to push this darn thing!!

Yep - there are TWO girls in here!!

She has already changed so much – and just like with Elle – (who suddenly seems like such a big kid!!) I have been trying to soak in every moment.  Oh – how I LOVE my girls.  I thank God every night for my amazing family.  I am VERY blessed – this I know. 

Wide Awake!!


Danny Tanner visits the Means Family! :)

Kyle and Gracie

5:oo  Saturday morning.  I have actually been producing enough milk for Kyle to take an overnight “feeding” shift – so I’m sleeping.  It’s peaceful in our home – for a moment.  Until, 5:15am hits.  My chest feels like it may explode – so I get up to pump.  I’m sitting at the kitchen table pumping..(yea – sorry, not an awesome image) – Ella starts crying and only moments later Gracie decides she wants to cry too!  Since I am a little occupied – Kyle takes over.  He runs downstairs to calm Elle – and then darts back upstairs to soothe Gracie.  All the while – I have a HUGE smile on my face as he mutters..”I feel like Danny Tanner on an episode of Full House.”  Laughing out loud at this point – I realize I am such a lucky woman to have a fantastic husband and two beautiful girls.  Life is good.  🙂

Sleeping on Dad.. 🙂

Gracie’s Birthday – Part Two!

OK – I’m back.  Yes – I am quickly learning that it is an adjustment to have a 3 day old – and a 23 month old living in the same home!  🙂  Never a dull moment – that’s for sure!

In big sis/little sis pj's from aunt Linds..

So – back to the birth story.  Driving back from the children’s museum on Friday – I felt a little “worn out.”  I couldn’t walk very well and was starting to have really low back pains.  Now – what I didn’t realize was that the pain I was feeling was actually contractions.  The only thing I had to compare it to was the contractions I felt with Ella – which were TOTALLY different than these.  With Ella – took several hours for the contractions to become painful.  With Grace – they were painful the minute they started.

Kyle came home for lunch – and I decided to try to time the contractions before I made any phone calls.  I really would hate to go into the doctor’s office with a false alarm.  Since I wasn’t sure if this was real labor…and since I assumed the contractions would take all day if it was real, Kyle went back to work.  When the pain was too much – and I hit the floor to do yoga positions…(yea – not a pretty image.  Ella was watching me – and copying me too!!)  – I realized it was time.  What I didn’t realize was how quickly everything was going to progress from that moment.

We went into the doctor’s office around 3:30 – to be checked out.  Sure enough I was 3-4 cm, and in labor.  Doc told me to head to the hospital – and get an epidural once I got there. 

By the time we checked in (around 4:30ish) – and got settled, the contractions were coming fast.  I was in some serious pain – once again, nothing I had ever experienced with my first labor – and started requesting the epidural right away.

Ella and I pose for a pic - between contractions, waiting for drugs at this point!

The nurses assured me the anesthesiologist was on his way.  What we all didn’t realize was that the drug man was called away to an emergency surgery – and wouldn’t be in for a while.  Again, many labors progress slowly, so there should have been time.  But this labor – wasn’t one of them.  By the time we checked in around 4:30ish – I had already progressed quite a bit – and by 7pm, I was 8-9 cm ready to push!  I still had NO drugs at this point, and as my mother would say, “started losing control.”  I saw the nurses getting everything ready in the room, my doctor came in – and all the while I’m thinking – wait a minute people!  I can’t do this – I don’t have any drugs!!  I felt her move down – and thought seriously that she might just pop out! 

In pain - not happy in this pic.

 I remember my doctor looking at me saying – “OK Leslie.  What do you want to do?  Do you want to push without – because you’re ready.”  By this point – I have tears in my eyes, I feel like a total fool and flat out ask her, “do you think I can?” 

My mom and Kyle must have said – get her drugs because FINALLY someone came in just in the nick of time to give me a quick spinal – and all was well with the world!


Sister Lindsay made in just in time!! This was right after drugs! 🙂

15 minutes and 3 pushes later – baby Grace was born!

First pic...

Now – I know women have been having babies without drugs forever.  I KNOW I could have done it without – because I almost had to.  But why oh why a woman would EVER want to – is beyond me.  As my sister Lisa would say – it’s like an outer body experience.  I do believe it is a mental thing – because had I thought for one minute that I actually COULD do it without drugs – I know I would have been OK.  I’m honestly shocked at how different my labor was this time around.  And – let me tell ya.  If Kyle and I do decide to have one more baby down the road, I’m getting an epidural two weeks before my due date!!!  🙂

It’s funny though how quickly the pain subsides.  In the end, I was holding a beautiful, HEALTHY baby girl and the pain was already fading from my memory.  I am amazed at just how much love my heart can give to BOTH of my daughters. 

My family...

I am so VERY blessed…..

Gracie’s Birthday! :)

I’m going to start this by saying – I am so very blessed.  I now have two beautiful HEALTHY girls – and for this I am VERY thankful.  I thank God everyday for the blessings in my life.

Now – onto the birth story!  I realize the “birth process” is nothing new – and women have been doing this for eons.  Thus, if you would rather skip over this section and just browse through the beautiful pics of my new family – I don’t blame you.  🙂 

Ella and Grace in their matching 4th of July shirts! 🙂

However, if you’re like me – and are just plain curious – keep on reading.  Now I understand why labor is called – well, LABOR!

Ella and I woke up Friday and took a LONG walk to the park – hoping to get things started.  After our walk – our morning continued at the Kearney Children’s Museum.  Ella had a BLAST – and it turns out I was very happy we had some last minute Ella/Mama bonding time before baby Gracie made her arrival.  (By the way, if you haven’t yet been to the museum – I encourage you to go.  Lots of fun!)

Ella at the museum..

I should have known something wasn’t quite right that morning, however, because I had to sit down at every “play” station we went to in the museum.  I would soon learn that yes, labor was about to begin……

Gracie is crying – so I will continue this post after a bit…

Baby Grace! :)

Grace Liana Means.  Born Friday, July 2nd at 7:32pm.  6 pounds, 10.5 oz and 20 1/4 inches long.  We are all doing wonderful!  Grace is simply perfect!  Home now – going to get a bit of sleep before 4th of July celebrations tonight.  I will post LOTS of pics and one heck of an almost NO pain meds birth story – soon!  🙂  Thank you for all your well wishes!!

Our first picture at home as a family!


I’d like to think I was pretty good during this pregnancy.  Tried to watch what I ate..(most days) and exercised when I could.  After all – being on television already adds the dreaded 10 pounds – let along being pregnant on television – now that’s a whole new ball game.

I am…no longer…being good.  I think every day since last Sunday I’ve had ice cream…

Remember this? Oh MAN that's good stuff!

and…on Monday I made banana/chocolate chip bread.  Knowing full well that Kyle HATES – (and hate isn’t actually a strong enough word) anything to do with bananas.  Meaning, of course, that I would get to eat the entire thing on my own…(which I have almost done.) 


Granted – Ella ate a few bites, and I did freeze one section.  But – let’s get serious here people.  I’ve eaten almost the entire thing.  In fact, two nights ago – in the middle of the night, I took out a gallon of skim milk – cut off a rather large chuck of banana/chocolate bread and ate it while sitting on the kitchen floor up against my fridge.  Yea – it’s not an awesome picture.

Then…last night – I made this…

Yep - that's cake with sprinkles...

I told myself it was for Kyle – but, I think I had more than he did.  Plus – of course I had to have ice cream with it as well.

And…I just got back from a wonderful lunch with old friends – at Amigos.

Ella with our good friends daughter Kaylin..

  Guess what we got with our purchase…since we spent over 14 bucks.  Yes – the amazing cinnamon/sugar goodness treats…that I always ate in college.  I don’t even know what they are called?  Crispos??  Whatever they are – I remember them fondly – and they remembered me.  I ate a bunch. 

I need to have this child so I don’t EXPLODE from food overload!  I’m off to a doctor’s appointment.  Hopefully she can move things along… 🙂  I’m sure I’ll have ice cream to top everything off tonight.  🙂