Back to work…

“Your mom doesn’t work?  Then…who makes the money?” 

That was a question I asked one of my friends when I was a small child.  I, of course, don’t remember this comment.  My mother, however, remembers it well – and told me not long ago.  As a girl, I must have naively thought Dad didn’t make any money – because he was always at home working on the farm.  Of course mom had to leave the house to go to work. 

Due to the farming economy, mom went back to school to become an RN when I was just two years old.  I assume it was difficult on my mother to leave home and work full-time when she was able to raise my other three sisters for years as a stay at home mom.  An adjustment, for her, of this I am certain, but…not so much for me.  You see, both my mother and father were able to work full-time and still be fantastic parents.  They attended every basketball game, every track meet, every musical concert, every class play.  My mother even managed to be “room mom” for me in grade school.  I don’t know how they were able to juggle having a full-time job and be fantastic full-time parents, but I am certainly glad they did.  Sure, I remember the laundry piling up – and the dishes sitting in the sink.  Housework didn’t always get done each day – but the important things did.  Dad read to us EVERY night, mom always made fantastic meals – and above all, I always felt loved.  It is because of their strong influence on me, I know my girls will be just fine having two full-time working parents as well. 

Wednesday will be hard.  It is the day I go back to work at NTV.  I know how blessed I am to have had 12 full weeks with my baby Gracie.  Not every working mom is able to have that.  The tiny baby squeaks, the first smiles, the precious moments in the middle of the night – I have tried my best to soak them all in.  I don’t know how I will be able to juggle working full-time with two girls, plus keep a clean home, market my books, write, grocery shop etc.  But – I know I can do it, because I have had two strong role models in my life showing me for years that it can be done. 

When I leave the house on Wednesday morning – it won’t be hard on my girls, but it will be hard on me.  My prayer is that they won’t ever know how much it breaks my heart to have to leave them during the day.  I will try my very best to be at every important event in their lives – just like my parents did for me. 

Here are a few pics from the last few days of my girls!! 😉 

Just Chillin...

Big smiles...

First time fishing with dad

Making cookies with mom



My Bucket List…

A few weeks ago Kyle and I were discussing our “Bucket List.”  You know – the things you want to do/accomplish before you “kick the bucket.”  🙂  Kyle thinks some of mine don’t actually belong on a bucket list – as they are more like life goals/dreams.  But – it’s my list and I’m sticking to it!  😉  So – here you go.  A few things I would like to accomplish before God decides it’s time for me to leave.  I would LOVE to know yours!  🙂 

By the way, these are in no particular order.  Although you will notice I would like some to happen sooner than later.

  • Visit the East Coast in the fall
  • Watch the ball drop/ice skate in New York City.  (This would be especially awesome as New Years Eve is our wedding anniversary.)
  • Get my Ella B. Bella books to become best sellers!
  • Write a romance novel and get it published
  • Throw an “awesome” Halloween party.  It needs to be a Martha Stewart/Food Network worthy party.  😉 
  • Run in and FINISH a half marathon
  • Meet/have lunch with a President
  • Travel to Italy with Kyle and enjoy a fantastic bottle of wine and bowl of pasta!  😉
  • Be a guest co-host on The View and get into a great discussion/argument with those ladies.  😉
  • Stay in a bed and breakfast
  • Spend $1,000 bucks on a shopping spree WITHOUT the guilt!
  • Open a book/wine/knitting(that’s where my sis comes in)/bakery shop with my sisters!  😉
  • Become blonde for a week
  • Purchase a red Volkswagen Beetle
  • Spend a week in Hawaii
  • Watch my girls graduate from college/walk down the aisle on their wedding day/hold their firstborn…
  • Renew our wedding vows
  • Celebrate at least 50 years of marriage with my fantastic husband

I have already accomplished two very important things on my bucket list – that is meet/marry a wonderful man and become a mom.  If I died tomorrow – I would still feel like I’ve accomplished the world because of those two things.  😉 

Ella in her fall outfit! 😉

Miss Gracie at 12 weeks old!!!!

Thank God for Brown Carpet! ;)

When we bought our house back in 2007, it was only two years old.  But, what I couldn’t understand about this relatively new home was WHY oh WHY did the previous owners put brown carpet in almost every room?  I hated it immediately, and wanted to change it all – first chance we got.  Well – we were making plans to purchase wood floors a couple of years ago – until my car broke down – and the money went into fixing our transportation.  Then the Dave Ramsey budget began and the brown carpet stayed put.  Now with two kids, I think the brown carpet is a secret blessing from God.  😉 

I can’t count the number of times Miss Gracie has lost her lunch all over me – and that brown carpet.  😉  Just a few days ago, Ella ran out from the bathroom telling me how excited she was that she went poo on the potty!  So excited – that she forgot to wipe, and a large pebble of poo fell right off her bum when she was running to me.  😉  Or like a few weeks ago when Ella forgot she only had panties on and started running to the bathroom with a trickle of pee coming down her leg – and again, onto the brown carpet.  There’s play-doh smooshed in, a large red stain in Gracie’s room where Ella decided to dump all the liquid Tylenol, and yes – I’ve even spilled a bit of red wine and diet pop here or there on that brown carpet.  😉  I’d be lying if I said I ALWAYS clean up the mess.  🙂  Heck – at 3am when Grace decides she’s had TOO much to eat – I don’t fret about finding the spot that hit the floor.  Normally my thought is – Eh…it’ll just soak into that lovely brown carpet – you won’t even be able to tell.  Eventually when we sell our home we will more than likely have to give the next owners a carpet allowance – unless, of course, they too have kids.  😉  

 I smile and cringe when I think of the next “thank God for brown carpet moment.”  I sure do love my two girls – mess and all!!  Wouldn’t change it for the world!!!

Big Smiles!


BIG smiles from Gracie!!

My beautiful girls...

Christmas music….in September. :)


Kyle doesn’t have many “rules” in his life – but there is one he is very adamant about.  And that one rule is…NEVER play Christmas music until the day AFTER Thanksgiving.  Generally, I follow that rule as well – but today, oops, I broke it!  On my way home from working the state fair this morning…I was feeling extra “chipper.”  Partly because I realized after working the past week and a half, I get to go back on maternity leave for another three weeks – and partly because the official kick-off to fall is here!  S0…to help me get into the “chilly” mood – I popped in a Crooner’s Christmas; (you know Bing and Frank, the good ones) and instantly pictured myself in one of those Hallmark movies, cuddled up by a fire, drinking a delicious glass of red wine..(yes – wine is in my thoughts yet again!!:) ) with snow on the ground.  It is here – my FAVORITE time of year!  🙂 

My love for the months of September-December probably stems from having so many wonderful memories during that time as a child.  I can still remember the excitement of starting another school year…(can’t you just smell the freshly sharpened pencils and the chalk on the boards!)  I still get flashbacks when I walk into a store and see all the school supplies.  Although these days, I now picture my own girls picking out their purple trappers and pink pencils – and start to get teary eyed. 

 It’s hard to explain my excitement when I see the first bag of candy corn or “fall” Yankee candle on store shelves.  Nothing beats a late autumn drive out on a country road – with the scent of fall harvest in the air.  Or a Sunday afternoon at a local pumpkin patch with a delicious cup of hot cider.  I love putting on my old ragged Husker sweatshirt on game day Saturdays, and opening the windows on a cool evening.  The crisp morning air is hard to beat – and so is a delicious bowl of soup made with veggies from your own garden! 

 So..get out your sweatshirts – and yes, it may be time to think about dusting off your Christmas music too!  😉  Because the change of seasons is here!!   Come to think of it – Kyle’s “Christmas” rule – probably stems from the fact that his least favorite months are fall and winter!  😉  Ah…it’s OK husband of mine.  That’s the great thing about Nebraska.  Wait a few months – and the weather will change again!  🙂    Happy Fall Everyone!!