Back to work…

“Your mom doesn’t work?  Then…who makes the money?” 

That was a question I asked one of my friends when I was a small child.  I, of course, don’t remember this comment.  My mother, however, remembers it well – and told me not long ago.  As a girl, I must have naively thought Dad didn’t make any money – because he was always at home working on the farm.  Of course mom had to leave the house to go to work. 

Due to the farming economy, mom went back to school to become an RN when I was just two years old.  I assume it was difficult on my mother to leave home and work full-time when she was able to raise my other three sisters for years as a stay at home mom.  An adjustment, for her, of this I am certain, but…not so much for me.  You see, both my mother and father were able to work full-time and still be fantastic parents.  They attended every basketball game, every track meet, every musical concert, every class play.  My mother even managed to be “room mom” for me in grade school.  I don’t know how they were able to juggle having a full-time job and be fantastic full-time parents, but I am certainly glad they did.  Sure, I remember the laundry piling up – and the dishes sitting in the sink.  Housework didn’t always get done each day – but the important things did.  Dad read to us EVERY night, mom always made fantastic meals – and above all, I always felt loved.  It is because of their strong influence on me, I know my girls will be just fine having two full-time working parents as well. 

Wednesday will be hard.  It is the day I go back to work at NTV.  I know how blessed I am to have had 12 full weeks with my baby Gracie.  Not every working mom is able to have that.  The tiny baby squeaks, the first smiles, the precious moments in the middle of the night – I have tried my best to soak them all in.  I don’t know how I will be able to juggle working full-time with two girls, plus keep a clean home, market my books, write, grocery shop etc.  But – I know I can do it, because I have had two strong role models in my life showing me for years that it can be done. 

When I leave the house on Wednesday morning – it won’t be hard on my girls, but it will be hard on me.  My prayer is that they won’t ever know how much it breaks my heart to have to leave them during the day.  I will try my very best to be at every important event in their lives – just like my parents did for me. 

Here are a few pics from the last few days of my girls!! 😉 

Just Chillin...

Big smiles...

First time fishing with dad

Making cookies with mom



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