This Too Shall Pass…

I received some disappointing news on Friday afternoon.  Expected, but still – disappointing.  I happened to be home from work a bit early as our daycare was closed – so I was home with the girls at the time. 

After hearing my bummer news – I slumped to the ground in the kitchen – with Gracie in one arm and Ella in the other.  I let myself tear up for a few seconds – as Ella assured me that …. “it’s OK mama.  Don’t be sad..”  Right after her very sweet comment – I looked up and saw the card my sister Linds bought me back in 2005 – when I was having another “bummer” moment.

The view from the floor in my kitchen...

  I love to keep this card – for moments just like this.  It was a gentle reminder that yes – This Too Shall Pass. 

This Too Shall Pass...

And as if I needed another reminder – only moments after reading the message on my fridge, Ella stated in her very matter of fact tone…”Mama, I peed my pants.”  🙂  That was it.  I was allowed a little over one minute to “sulk” – and then life moves on.  As it should – because yes, This Too Shall Pass.  It always does.


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  1. Renee
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 13:36:41

    Hi Leslie…hope all is okay. What happened with the news you received? If you choose not to share, I’ll understand but I will always be here to listen and be a friend here’s something I wrote I hope you like….
    “Little Things”
    The little things in life are most worthwhile
    A quiet word, a look, a smile
    A listening ear
    which is quick to share
    Another’s thoughts, another’s cares
    Though sometimes they seem quite small
    These things mean most of all.

    Take care 🙂


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