2010 – what a year!

Here it is New Years Eve 2010, and I find myself reflecting upon the past year with such awe.  Wow!  What an amazing year it has been! 

I accomplished two “bucket list” goals this year – with the help, of course, from the good lord above.  In May, my first book was published and released!  I am truly so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what happens with my Ella B. Bella adventures in the future!  In July, my second daughter was born.  She is the light of our lives – such a beautiful, HAPPY baby.  We are so very blessed!! 

So…the two items that get crossed off my bucket list this year are:  get a book published – check!  Have another baby – check!  Again – if the good lord says my time to go is now, I know I will leave with a huge smile on my face.  I thank him every day for my blessings.

And now…the end of the year brought even more change.  A new job!  Not just a new job – but, a change in careers!  I am nervous and incredibly excited for this new adventure.  Hopefully I’ll have more time to write – be able to build amazing business relationships through my work at the Kearney Chamber and the best part of all – have more time to spend with my girls! 

So – I anxiously await what is coming in 2011.  I know that with faith, family and friends by my side – all will be wonderful!  Here’s to a fantastic 2011!!!!  Blessings to you always!!  Leslie…

**(oh by the way.  Hopefully this time next year, I will be watching the ball drop in New York city for our 7th wedding anniversary.  Fingers crossed.  🙂 But for now – I am happy to spend the evening with my girls.  One of these days – Kyle WON”T have to work on our anniversary!! )