My Bucket List…

A few weeks ago Kyle and I were discussing our “Bucket List.”  You know – the things you want to do/accomplish before you “kick the bucket.”  🙂  Kyle thinks some of mine don’t actually belong on a bucket list – as they are more like life goals/dreams.  But – it’s my list and I’m sticking to it!  😉  So – here you go.  A few things I would like to accomplish before God decides it’s time for me to leave.  I would LOVE to know yours!  🙂 

By the way, these are in no particular order.  Although you will notice I would like some to happen sooner than later.

  • Visit the East Coast in the fall
  • Watch the ball drop/ice skate in New York City.  (This would be especially awesome as New Years Eve is our wedding anniversary.)
  • Get my Ella B. Bella books to become best sellers!
  • Write a romance novel and get it published
  • Throw an “awesome” Halloween party.  It needs to be a Martha Stewart/Food Network worthy party.  😉 
  • Run in and FINISH a half marathon
  • Meet/have lunch with a President
  • Travel to Italy with Kyle and enjoy a fantastic bottle of wine and bowl of pasta!  😉
  • Be a guest co-host on The View and get into a great discussion/argument with those ladies.  😉
  • Stay in a bed and breakfast
  • Spend $1,000 bucks on a shopping spree WITHOUT the guilt!
  • Open a book/wine/knitting(that’s where my sis comes in)/bakery shop with my sisters!  😉
  • Become blonde for a week
  • Purchase a red Volkswagen Beetle
  • Spend a week in Hawaii
  • Watch my girls graduate from college/walk down the aisle on their wedding day/hold their firstborn…
  • Renew our wedding vows
  • Celebrate at least 50 years of marriage with my fantastic husband

I have already accomplished two very important things on my bucket list – that is meet/marry a wonderful man and become a mom.  If I died tomorrow – I would still feel like I’ve accomplished the world because of those two things.  😉 

Ella in her fall outfit! 😉

Miss Gracie at 12 weeks old!!!!


Christmas music….in September. :)


Kyle doesn’t have many “rules” in his life – but there is one he is very adamant about.  And that one rule is…NEVER play Christmas music until the day AFTER Thanksgiving.  Generally, I follow that rule as well – but today, oops, I broke it!  On my way home from working the state fair this morning…I was feeling extra “chipper.”  Partly because I realized after working the past week and a half, I get to go back on maternity leave for another three weeks – and partly because the official kick-off to fall is here!  S0…to help me get into the “chilly” mood – I popped in a Crooner’s Christmas; (you know Bing and Frank, the good ones) and instantly pictured myself in one of those Hallmark movies, cuddled up by a fire, drinking a delicious glass of red wine..(yes – wine is in my thoughts yet again!!:) ) with snow on the ground.  It is here – my FAVORITE time of year!  🙂 

My love for the months of September-December probably stems from having so many wonderful memories during that time as a child.  I can still remember the excitement of starting another school year…(can’t you just smell the freshly sharpened pencils and the chalk on the boards!)  I still get flashbacks when I walk into a store and see all the school supplies.  Although these days, I now picture my own girls picking out their purple trappers and pink pencils – and start to get teary eyed. 

 It’s hard to explain my excitement when I see the first bag of candy corn or “fall” Yankee candle on store shelves.  Nothing beats a late autumn drive out on a country road – with the scent of fall harvest in the air.  Or a Sunday afternoon at a local pumpkin patch with a delicious cup of hot cider.  I love putting on my old ragged Husker sweatshirt on game day Saturdays, and opening the windows on a cool evening.  The crisp morning air is hard to beat – and so is a delicious bowl of soup made with veggies from your own garden! 

 So..get out your sweatshirts – and yes, it may be time to think about dusting off your Christmas music too!  😉  Because the change of seasons is here!!   Come to think of it – Kyle’s “Christmas” rule – probably stems from the fact that his least favorite months are fall and winter!  😉  Ah…it’s OK husband of mine.  That’s the great thing about Nebraska.  Wait a few months – and the weather will change again!  🙂    Happy Fall Everyone!!